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We specialize in Xeriscaping, Drought Tolerant Landscaping & Water Features

We specialize in Xeriscaping, Drought Tolerant Landscaping and Water Features for all gardens.

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What is Xeriscaping?

The term xeriscape has become synonymous for landscape in Central Texas. Originally coined by Denver Water in the early 80’s, it comes from xeros, the Greek word for dry. While the goal of xeriscaping is to reduce water, it does not mean an arid landscape with lots of cacti and gravel. A xeriscape is any landscape that conforms to the seven principles of xeriscaping. Read more about Xeriscaping.


Landscape Design

We are accustomed to producing detailed landscape visions, ie. Designs. Typically done in black and white, our designs are simple, effective, and straight to the point. Whether it’s a garden room or a full yard, at Austin Landscape and Design, we are happy to apply our talents to the development of a well thought out plan of action. The value of laying out the full scope of a project on pen and paper cannot be overstated. Read more.

Water Features

The successful installation of a water feature of any type requires a blend in equal proportions of form and function. In other words, it must look good and, just as importantly, work well. There is nothing worse than a leaky water feature no matter how great it looks. For this reason, Austin Landscape and Design has perfected a style over many years of construction that guarantees both essential qualities in equal abundance. Read more about Water Features.

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