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Water Features

The successful installation water features of any type requires a blend in equal proportions of form and function. In other words, it must look good and, just as importantly, work well. There is nothing worse than a leaky water feature no matter how great it looks. For this reason, Austin Landscape and Design has perfected a style over many years of construction that guarantees both essential qualities in equal abundance.

While we have experience with almost all types of water features, our specialty may be considered natural-looking, rubber-lined ponds, waterfalls, and disappearing fountains. Distinguishing characteristics include the minimal use of stone yet in a way to eliminate unsightly rubber liner above the waterline and a preference for Aquascape Design skimmers and bio-falls. Where fountains are concerned, disappearing or otherwise, we would be challenged to find a vessel that we could not turn into a fountain.

In addition to the installation of new water features, Austin Landscape and Design is an expert in the troubleshooting and maintenance of existing ponds, waterfalls, and fountains. There is not a company in Central Texas with more experience in diagnosing and repairing, when possible, troubled water features.It is far better to have your new water feature expertly installed and maintained than to waste time and money on guessing at it.

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