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Let’s face it, as much as we would like to focus on the art of landscaping, we must also pay attention to the bottom line. Nothing in life is free, therefore, we do not offer free consultations. Most of our business relationships begin with at least an hour-long meeting on site, ie. your home or business. This is much more than a time to take measurements and to hear your request explained. You will be meeting with a true landscape professional who is passionate about what they do. Not only will they serve as a sounding board, they will also discuss the viability of your landscape desires while offering suggestions of their own. Who knows how many thousands of dollars have been saved by agreeing to pay a minor consultation fee of $75.00 before installing.


The price of design is based on the size and complexity of the project as opposed to a flat rate. After an initial consultation, a price for the design can be established. A small yard can usually be designed in about 10 hours for $400 which includes time for a follow-up meeting and possible revisions. A single bed or portion of a yard will take less time while an estate or multi-acre lot will take much more. We typically ask for 50% down and the balance due upon completion.


It is a complicated process to determine the cost of a typical installation. After an initial consultation, a price can be established. If the project involves a design, the price usually comes after the design is complete. The two most important factors in determining the cost of an installation are labor and material. Our labor rate is $40 per hour per person and we never charge more than the retail price of our materials. Like our designs, we typically ask for 50% down and the balance due upon completion.


The price of maintenance is dependent on size, complexity, frequency, and level of service. The minimum charge is $40 which includes mowing, edging, and blowing. Obviously, there is much more to a maintenance regime than just the basics. Weeding, fertilizing, pest control, cutting back, etc, may count as add-ons and will be charged accordingly. Our service personnel will make regular recommendations to help you plan for the cost of extra maintenance.


Austin Landscape and Design warranties all hardscape installation (stonework, paths, edging, etc) for one year under normal circumstances. Softscapes (plantings, mainly) are not warrantied unless you also purchase a maintenance package which consists of multiple months of service purchased in advance at a discounted rate. A representative will discuss this option with you during the course of your installation.

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