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Sometimes scratching out a plan on a napkin is not enough, therefore we are accustomed to producing detailed landscape visions, ie. Designs. Typically done in black and white, our designs are simple, effective, and straight to the point. Whether it’s a garden room or a full yard, at Austin Landscape and Design, we are happy to apply our talents to the development of a well thought out plan of action. The value of laying out the full scope of a project on pen and paper cannot be overstated.

While not every job needs a design, for the ones that do, much time and money can be saved through careful planning of well-articulated concepts.


Whether it is a sketch for a garden or a blueprint for your entire yard, Austin Landscape and Design specializes in the development of straight-forward plans for your outdoor spaces. The best landscapes begin with a solid plan that saves you time and money when it comes to its implementation. Our typical designs are done in black and white and are priced according to size and complexity of the space. No design can be sufficient unless it takes fully into account the needs of those using the space. Therefore, it is crucial to our process to elicit as much input from our clients as possible. Revisions during the process are expected.


Once the dust has settled after constructing your new landscape, it is time to begin the all-important task of maintaining it. The needs of the garden change over time which is why it is essential to have a landscape maintenance plan in place from the beginning. Our experienced maintenance crew is there for you to keep your landscape investment looking as fresh as the day it was installed. From cutting the grass to dead-heading the roses, to organically fertilizing, to dealing with pests in the most sustainable way possible, Austin Landscape and Design can cover all your maintenance needs in a timely and friendly

In addition to general landscape maintenance, Austin Landscape and Design is also fully equipped to service water features. Water can be difficult so it is important to hire experts who know all of its tricks.

We offer routine maintenance and troubleshooting on all types of water features regardless of who may have constructed them. If your feature is giving you trouble or if you would like someone else to rinse the filters for a change, contact us today.

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